CASi's Real ADR Panel

Our Mediators and Arbitrators specialize in helping people and businesses resolve their disputes without the need for drawn-out litigation.

Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR is the process where a neutral third party, a mediator or arbitrator, helps parties to a dispute come to a conclusion to their conflict.

Closing Attorney Support, Inc.'s Real ADR Panel is dedicated to ensuring that you can resolve your differences outside of the courtroom.

Practical Dispute Resolution

Our Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediators and Qualified Arbitrators are experienced professionals with years of litigation and transactional experience serving clients in situations similar to those they are helping resolve today.

We offer both in-person sessions in our modern facilities with ample parking and remote sessions using the latest in technology to provide remote mediation and arbitration that preserves the collaboration that traditional sessions encourage.

Our Mission is to Help Real People Resolve their Disputes.

Our Panel of Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediators and Qualified Arbitrators are standing by to help you!   

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Weekdays 8 am to 6 pm with evening and weekend sessions available.
Sessions are available On-line and In-Person throughout South Florida.
Real Professionals helping Real People Resolve their Real Disputes.

Our Panel of Mediators and Arbitrators