• CASi was designed from the ground up to provide all of the support services to allow busy attorneys to focus on what is truly important.

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Real Estate Attorney​Back Office Support

You didn’t go to law school to spend your time processing a file. The administrative/processing time on your average title file can be upwards of 10-15 hours eating into your profits as an attorney. That is where we come in by handling this work for you leaving you with that precious time to bring in more business and use your true skills as an attorney. Truly flat fee services - our fees are not based on the size of your deal. We will never interfere with your relationships and guarantee it in writing.

We offer 2 main support packages as well as a la carte service.

Pre-Closing Support

This package includes:

- File opening (in your closing software)

- Custom welcome package drafts for your customers (with your branding)

- Title ordering

- Title commitment preparation

- Lien search ordering

- Survey ordering

- Lender title order preparation

- Closing disclosure/settlement statement preparation

- Closing document preparation

- Lender package retrieval and preparation

Post-Closing Package

This package includes:

- Document recording

- Check disbursement

- Post-closing update search

- Release tracking

- Policy preparation

- File closing in closing software

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As a busy attorney you should be focusing on your clients, not training your team how to use software. Our team of experienced instructors have spent years working in the field using the same software as you and your team. They are not just academics, they are experienced legal professionals. Our interactive training courses help you and your team get up to speed using your industry software. Of course all of our training sessions include: tips, tricks, and best practices learned from years in the trenches. We offer in person training sessions along with live remote sessions.

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​Remote Closing Services

Remote Online Notarization has really taken off in the last few months. Our team of notaries and attorney notaries are able to schedule and handle your RON signing needs quickly and with no aggravation. You can rest assured that your signings will be completed professionally, accurately and quickly. We have both a technical support team ready to assist your customer in the signing process and the RON closing team ready to conduct your signing as quickly as your needs dictate. We use a variety of online platforms that allow signers to sign from almost any connected device that they have at their fingertips. Click below to start the signing process.

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​Technology Consulting

With years of technology trials and errors we have navigated through the complex sea of closing, practice management and document management solutions. We have a wealth of knowledge on which solutions work best for specific types of practices and sizes. We welcome the opportunity to setup a consultation to review your current technology setup and to assist you increase your productivity through maximizing those existing products or recommending more appropriate products to fit your firm's needs.

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​​24/7 Consulting

We are all busy with our day to day practices and often times get bogged down with a variety of issues that are sometimes hard to escape. Our flexible scheduling allows us to work with you on overcoming those challenges at a time that is most convenient for you. Please let us know how we can help you overcome the hurdles that have been standing in your way.

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